MeccInv 9.0


MeccInv makes keeping a parts inventory easy and can be configured to suit any collection.  It is supplied with the full historic UK and French part catalogues which the user may add to or amend, movable inset illustrations, and publication lists of Meccano Magazines with summary charts by year.  Up to ten part colours or periods can be specified per inventory.  Cells representing "never-available" part/colour combinations can be greyed-out.  Separate lists for parts in use, wanted, for published models or set contents can be made and compared with the inventory and costed.  Parts are indexed by number, description and album-style picture index, and can be located instantly.  Dealers' pricelists can be imported directly, currencies converted and prices compared automatically.  Inventory data can be exported and imported to the Internet and other applications.  Totals and values are calculated automatically, applying a percentage uplift or discount.  Bar and pie charts show the size and value of the collection by colour and relative to standard set contents or other lists.  Parts lists for Set No.10 and SML4 are ready supplied.  Fully-formatted printout.  Automatic link to the EMP page and drawing from the currently selected part.  Built-in data backup and restore facilities.  Comprehensive on-screen Help.  Now with high-quality coloured part illustrations by Wes Dalefield Studio. 


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MeccInv 9.0 + WDS - 39.95

MeccInv 9.0 Upgrade (for MeccInv 3.5 and later) - 14.95

MeccInv 9.0 + EMP (Encyclopedia of Meccano Parts) - 64.95


Requires Windows 95/98/2000/NT, XP (32-bit versions only) or Windows 7 (32-bit versions only).