MW Set 10 ModelPlans

on CD



In recent years, Meccano enthusiasts (Alan Partridge, Bert Love, Tony Parmee, Ralph Rigg, Tony James, Tony Brown, Michael Whiting, Alex Barker and Claudio Rabbi) have taken over where the Meccano factory model designers left off, and have designed and perfected new models of all types, within the confines of a standard Meccano No 10 Set, and published them as MW ModelPlans.


40 of these popular 'Set 10' ModelPlans are now available in their entirety on CD, in .PDF format suitable for on-screen viewing or printing, with cover picture index for easy overview and selection.   For PC or Macintosh.





Ref:  SET10MP1     Set 10 ModelPlans 64 - 156    (18 ModelPlans)  Price:  22.50


Ref:  SET10MP2     Set 10 ModelPlans 159 - 217  (18 ModelPlans)  Price:  27.50


Ref:  SET10MPS     Set of 2 CDs                              (36 ModelPlans)  Price:  42.50


Ref:  SET10MP3     Set 10 ModelPlans 199 - 217  (9  ModelPlans including MP210)   

                                                                               Price:  13.50


Ref:  SET10MP4     Set 10 ModelPlans 220 - 259  (12 ModelPlans)  Price:  19.90