ModelPlan 274


Midlands Meccano Guild Model Series MMGMS13


Austin Auxiliary Towing Vehicle and Fire Pump


  A Set 9+ Model 


Before the start of WWII large numbers of Dennis 460 GSM and other trailer fire pumps which could be towed by civilian vehicles were ordered.  But special auxiliary towing vehicles like this Austin K2 chassis-based  vehicle which could carry hoses, ladders and other fire-fighting gear were soon found to be needed as well.  Many continued in service with fire brigades after the war.


Anther example of the level of realism and prototypical accuracy achievable within the limits of a pre-1971 Set 9 with the addition of a few common parts.


12 pages including text, VirtualMec diagrams and parts list.


Ref:  MP274    Price:  6.90