ModelPlan 264


Peter Thurston's


Liberty Ship


Built to an approximate 1:60 scale, this model of a Liberty ship was inspired by the SS Richard Montgomery, a vessel of 7146 gross tons, built in 1943 by the St John’s River Shipbuilding Company of Jacksonville, Florida, and one of 2170 mass-produced vessels built to carry vital supplies for the Allied war effort.


In August 1944, loaded with a cargo of some 7,000 tons of munitions, she ran aground and sank on the sandbank east of the Isle of Grain, where she still lies today,  her masts clearly visible above the water, with approximately 1,400 tons of explosives still contained within her forward holds.


The wreck may finally be made safe by the Royal Navy in 2022.


The model is 84” long, 11½” wide and 14” high.

Ref:  MP264    Price:  £6.90