ModelPlan 262


Tony James'


Scammell Highwayman and Low-Loading Semi-trailer


  A Set 10 Model 


Power from a single PDU motor drives this 1:10 scale model through a double gearbox - a 2-speed and reverse box coupled to a high and low ratio gear set  providing 4 forward and 2 reverse ratios, selected by gear levers in the cab.  Also featured are a rear-axle differential, working steering and leaf-spring suspension.


The swan neck trailer has 4-in-line detachable rear wheels with screw jacks, a winch and portable loading ramps, with automatic coupling and one-action uncoupling provided.


20 pages including text and colour photographs, plus a separately-stapled, 12-page booklet containing diagrams and parts list.


Ref:  MP262    Price9.90