ModelPlan 247


Midlands Meccano Guild Model Series MMGMS5


Cement Mixer Lorry


  A Set 10+ Model 


Designed by Brian Edwards


Rebuilt and Described by Roger Marriott


The model is based on a typical 1950ís vehicle at a scale of about 1/12th


Vehicles of this era had cabs of various designs; Brian chose the ERF cab which has a relatively modern appearance.


The model requires a modest collection of parts and can be constructed, with a few additions (mainly small flexible plates)  with a Set 10. 


Two small 12v motors are used to power the rear axle and the  mixer independently.  The rear axle is based upon the standard Meccano differential. 


The revised design includes a 3-speed and reverse gearbox and clutch based on the model of a saloon car in the Set 10 instructions 10.4 (1949).  The model is constructed in three stages:  chassis, cab and rotating cement mixer.  Both cab and mixer are removable.


16 pages including text, colour photographs and parts list.


Ref:  MP247    Price:  £7.00