ModelPlan 239


Geoff Wright's

New Routemaster or

"Boris's Bus"


◊  A Set 9 Model  ◊


ModelPlan by Michael J. Walker


With (unusually) a current prototype as its subject, this model is considered to be the best and most life-like Set 9 model ever.


Named after the Mayor of London who commissioned a new Routemaster which combined the popular open, hop-on hop-off rear platform and stairs of a traditional double-decker bus with the cab, front and side doors and front stairs of a modern bus, with stylish diagonal windows at the back and side, an upstairs front corner branch deflector and distinctive front styling.


The model has working steering and suspension, and unlike set bus models has filled-in lower and upper decks with handrails, seat backs and stairs, and a complete driver's cab, seat and binnacle.


With text and 13 pages of colour photographs. 


Ref:   MP239    20 Pages   Price:  8.60