ModelPlan 224


Midlands Meccano Guild Model Series MMGMS1


Aero Morgan


  A Set 10+ Model 


This, the first in a new model series by the Midlands Meccano Guild, produced by Roger Marriott, is of Terry Pettitt's remarkably realistic and detailed model of a 1934 Aero Morgan 3-wheeled car, which can be built with little more than the contents a Set 10 plus a PDU motor.


As well as the V-Twin engine with working rocking tappets and valve gear, the model has a clutch and 3 speed and reverse gearbox, prototypical chain drive to the rear wheel, Sliding Pillar front suspension, steering, detailed interior and body and chassis constructed in the exact prototypical way.


With text,  VirtualMEC drawings, diagrams  and colour photographs. 



Ref:   MP224   20 Pages   Price:  12.30