ModelPlan 214


Claudio Rabbi's


"Corbellini" Italian Railway Carriage


A Set 10+ Model



Compatible with MP114, GSM22 and other Meccano 4½” gauge locomotives, this detailed and realistic 1:14 scale 1950’s railway carriage can be built with a Set 10 plus 16 extra 5½” x 1½” flexible plates.


Built between 1952 and 1955 and identified as “CZ 38000”, these carriages were called “Corbellini” after the  Italian Transport Secretary of the post-war era.


The model maintains the exact proportions and general appearance of the original.   


The bogies are correctly-steering and the springs really bear the weight of the model.


Text plus all-colour photographs.


Ref: MP214   16 pages   Price: £6.90