ModelPlan 213


Tony James'


JCB Teletruk


 A Set 10 Model  


The World's most efficient and versatile small counterbalanced lift truck, its telescopic boom allowing a vehicle to be loaded from one side only, with a paralleling action which enables the load to remain at a constant angle to the ground as the boom is raised or lowered, and which also allows the bucket, fork or other attachment to load or tip.


A "quick detach" system allows boom attachments to be changed from the cab;  this  is reproduced on the model. 


Powered by a single PDU motor, the model also has working rear-wheel steering, a forward and reverse gearbox with column-mounted gear change, front axle differential, and  telescopic boom, paralleling and tipping mechanisms power-operated by cord-and-pulley simulated hydraulics, all by controls in the cab.


With colour photographs and separately-bound diagrams.


Ref: MP213   20+16 pages   Price: 11.90