ModelPlan 211


Tony Parmee's


Set 10 Railway Crane



The first model many a Meccanoman builds with this dream No. 10 set is Leaflet No. 1,  the iconic Railway Breakdown Crane, a favourite subject of Frank Hornby.  It also provided an ideal use for the equally-iconic Meccano side-plate electric motor.


In MP211, Tony Parmee has produced a radically revised version in which the many ill-conceived mechanisms in the original have been redesigned to produce a sturdy, reliable, fully-functioning and more realistic model, still within the constraints of the Set 10.


Incorporated are developments like sprung axles, powered slewing, fail-safe band brakes, a captive main bearing and working stabilisers enabling the model to lift a 20lb load in perfect safety.


With text, colour photographs and Set Leaflet 10.1 (photocopy).


Ref:  MP211   20 pages + leaflet  Price:  11.20