ModelPlan 205


Mike Edkins'


Weight-Driven Striking Clock



The clock is fitted with a count wheel striking system and seconds dial indicating true jump seconds.  A single stage of gearing connects the seconds and escape wheel shafts, eliminating the need for the “missing” 30-tooth escape wheel, the lack of which has been voiced by many Meccano clock builders over the years.  Both winding drums of the going and striking trains are fitted with maintaining gear.


The elegant, ornate framework shows the inner workings of the clock mechanism.


This clock was featured as ConstructorProject 82 in the Meccano Newsmag,  but owing to space constraints the photographs and drawings were reproduced at a small size, making building the clock difficult.


Included with MP205 is an illustrated 4-page article by co-developer John Stark, published subsequently in the Newsmag, detailing his modifications and improvements to the design, which are easily incorporated.


28 pages including full-size colour photographs and  isometric diagrams,  parts list, and John Stark's article.


Ref:  MP205    Price:  £8.60