ModelPlan 200


Michael Adler's


Takraf Crane



The German prototype is a modern, 35 ton level luffing electric dockside crane.  Its prominent features are are a very long flying jib and prominent driverís cab and walkway.


The crane stands on four floating bogeys which pick up power from a dockside cable lying next to the track which is rolled onto a gantry wheel and paid out and taken in as the crane moves.

The jib luffing is controlled by a rack and pinion multi-angle racking mechanism. The jib and flying jib are fully counterbalanced from an overhead counterweight linked to the jib. There are four falls of wire from the end of the flying jib wound from four separate winch drums.

The 1:16 scale Meccano Model follows the prototype in function and appearance, and the plan includes various options for remote control, a choice between a hook or opening grab, and three type of winch mechanisms of different degrees of complexity.


The plan has 64 pages in total with building instructions, index, parts list and over 130 colour photographs and IsoMec diagrams.


Ref:  MP200    Price: 17.60