ModelPlan 196


Mike Edkins'


Descending Pendulum Clock



In this novel clock, the driving weight also serves as the pendulum.  The mechanism is in essence very simple; from the great wheel of the fusee to the escape wheel is a step-up gear ratio, as in a normal clock.


The anchor of the escapement is positioned below the escape wheel and fitted with a crutch as normal.  As the line supporting the weight unwinds from the fusee, it is taken around a pulley directly below; this drives the  hour and minute hands. The line is then taken upwards and routed over pulleys, for it then to descend between two rollers (the pendulum suspension point) and the forks of the pendulum crutch, and then is attached to the driving weight/pendulum. As the line unwinds from the fusee, the length of the pendulum increases, slowing the rate the pendulum beats; the fusee compensates for this by letting off the line at constant rate so that the motion work pulley rotates at a constant speed, allowing the hands of the clock to display the correct time.


24 pages including 26 colour photographs and parts list, plus a separately-stapled  booklet of isometric diagrams.


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