ModelPlan 195


Tony James'


Demountable Body Tipper Lorry


A Set 10 Model


The model, based on the Renault Midliner with an Edbro demountable body, is powered by a Meccano Powerdrive motor protected by an adjustable friction clutch, with a two-speed and reverse gearbox driving an all-pinion differential.


The steering is correctly geared and operated with string, while both axles have leaf spring suspension.


The hydraulic tipping and sliding mechanism used to tip or unload the body are driven from the motor using cord and screwed rod.  The internal gearbox attached to the motor is set at a ratio of 6:1 and operates well on only a 7.2v battery pack. 


The detachable body has a hinged tailboard that will either drop down for ground level loading or swing upwards for tipping the load.  To tip the body, the cord operated twin rams are used and to demount the body, it is moved rearwards first by a screwed rod.


16 pages including colour photographs and parts list, plus a separately-stapled  12-page booklet of diagrams.


Ref:  MP195    Price:  9.60