ModelPlan 190


Michael Adler's


Cape Town Crane


The prototype, the Cowans Sheldon 60-ton Dockside Electric Crane in Sturrock Dry Dock, Cape Town, South Africa, was installed in 1942 and is still in daily use, standing as an icon of British engineering.

The Meccano Model has been built from the original workshop plans.  At 1:12 scale, the overall construction and mechanisms closely follow the prototype in function, situation and appearance, and the model is built almost entirely in standard Liverpool-era Meccano parts.  Standing at over 6' tall from table to top of jib, it is of a class of traditional Meccano super-models that draw crowds at exhibitions.

Powered by four readily-available electric motors, the builder can add remote-control to suit himself.

The plan has 56 pages in total, with building instructions and over 50 colour photographs of the prototype and model, with separately-stapled IsoMec-diagram booklet and parts list.  It includes a CD containing the photographs in full resolution and a video of the model working.


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