ModelPlan 189


Freddie Nicholls'





Not a Meccano Model, but a precision Planimeter Instrument for determining the area of any two-dimensional, regular or irregular shape scale drawing by tracing around its outline. This amazing device was originally designed by H.F. Lane using abstruse applied mathematics, way beyond the comprehension of the author.

It was first published in the No. 3 1929 Meccano Magazine.  However, the author Freddie Nicholls, with over 70 years Meccano experience, has extensively redesigned it, and included a much larger Scale to improve the accuracy and readability from above.  Correctly built and calibrated, it can actually be used as a Planimeter when run on the correct base materials.

The accurate Scale, which is the 'heart' of this device, was the most difficult part to reproduce and two high quality scales, with detailed instructions for mounting, are included in the ModelPlan.


Ref:  MP189   5 Pages, with separate Precision Scales   Price:  6.90