ModelPlan 184


Mike Edkins'


Bracket Clock


A truly ground-breaking model built entirely

 out of standard Meccano parts


The design of the clock case is loosely based on that of an English bracket clock, but constructed in skeleton form to show the inner workings of the clock mechanisms.


Uniquely, the clock is powered by three Meccano Magic motors using all-Meccano chain fusees to give a running duration of  30 hours on a single winding.  


The clock strikes the hour using an innovative 12-step Archimedes screw snail cam to regulate the number of hammer blows.


Other unique features include dial adjustment of pendulum length without stopping the clock, a strike/silent switch,  and a seconds dial, the hand moving in discrete half-second steps.


52 pages with separately-stapled diagram booklet and parts list. 


Includes CD containing 44  colour photographs and 45 isometric drawings at full resolution.


Ref:  MP184    Price:  16.00