ModelPlan 182


Wilbert Swinkels'


Boerdijk's Super Meccanograph


The well-known Super Meccanograph of Dr. Ir. A. H. Boerdijk appeared in several issues of the Meccano Magazine in 1971 under the title “Meccano Designing Machine”, and also featured in Constructor Quarterly and Meccano Nieuws in 1989/90.


Unlike other Meccanographs, manually-programmed to produce single drawings, the Super Meccanograph is self-programming; it generates a continuous and endless sequence of unique drawings, the design of which cannot be predicted in advance.


Wilbert Swinkels has traced the original construction and designed a replica, incorporating many improvements, using standard Meccano parts almost entirely.


Illustrated in VirtualMec, the ModelPlan includes the full background history and  a CD containing the full set of 3D VirtualMec drawings, high-resolution photographs of the original and the replica, explanation of the precise differences between them, examples of drawn figures, and a Dutch-language translation.



Ref:  MP182   24 Pages with CD  Price:  16.00