ModelPlan 178


 Wilbert Swinkels'


 Clock Striking Mechanism


Model Plan and VirtualMec Drawings


Inspired by the complex and ingenious striking mechanism of the Meccano Clock Kit 2 of 1972, which the author has developed and improved, still using standard Meccano parts almost entirely.


The Clock Striking Mechanism can be built as a model in its own right, or incorporated into a Meccano clock, e.g.  the Arnfield Mantle Clock (MP104).


Illustrated in VirtualMec in full colour.  Construction is described in clear, modular sections, and the plan includes photographs, diagrams and reference material.


The CD contains the full set of 3D VirtualMec drawings, additional photographs which can be enlarged to full screen size, an interesting pictorial history of the development of the model, and VirtualMec 1.6 Demo.


Ref: MP178    24 pages and CD   Price:  16.00