ModelPlan 176


 Freddie Nicholl's


 Pensotti-Nicholls Compact Clock


Model Plan and VirtualMec Drawings


This Modelplan is a FIRST!  Not only illustrated in VirtualMec, it includes 31 VirtualMec 3D drawing files, and VirtualMec 1.6 Demo itself on a CD.  These allow the user to examine the various components and mechanisms of the model, from complete assemblies to individual parts, from any side or angle as though they were in his hands.


The Compact Clock was originally built by Roberto Pensotti (USA) as an exercise in building the smallest possible weight-driven pendulum clock in Meccano.  Freddie Nicholls has redesigned it, using mostly standard Meccano parts.


The all-colour Modelplan describes building the sub-assemblies first, followed by the main assemblies, up to the final assembly.


The CD also contains 5 video clips of the mechanisms actually working.


Ref: MP176    20 pages and CD  Price:  16.00