ModelPlan 175


 Rob Mitchell's


 A Six Axis, 300 Tonne Electric Overhead Track Crane



The overhead track crane is a type not often rendered in Meccano.  The model is  based on the immense machines used to perform the major lifting work in steelmaking plants.  The essential elements of a support structure are included in the plan.


The crane has 3 independent hoists (250t Main, 50t Auxiliary and 10t Service).  The other 3 axes, or movement directions, are:


●  Long travel (all hoists along crane track)

●  Main hoist crab (lateral travel)

●  Auxiliary and Service hoist crab


M0 motors and a limited number of easily-obtainable Meccano-compatible and non-Meccano drive bands and electrical components parts are required.


Designed, built, photographed and described by Rob Mitchell.  Modelplan produced by Philip Webb.


Ref: MP175    32 pages   Price:  7.90