ModelPlan 169


Peter Harwood's

 Fishguard Titan Giant Block-Setting Crane


The Fishguard Titan Block-setting crane has for generations been the most iconic of Meccano subjects, and Peter Harwood's model is acknowledged to be the finest and most accurate representation of it ever, built to 0.35" to the foot to utilise the geared roller bearing plate at exact scale, and everything works!  The model was designed from scratch in every detail, down to the size of the individual gears, using the original engineering drawings of 1914-16, with input from the best-known Meccano crane experts.


The instructions are in six sections, intended to be followed consecutively, with every assembly, sub-assembly and detail illustrated by two-dimensional drawings with extensive reference to the 1914-16 plans and including some splendid photographs.












Ref: MP169     116 pages in 3 volumes.    Price: 19.95