ModelPlan 163

Michael Whiting's


Five ◊ Set 10 ◊ Orreries

This treatise completes a trio of ModelPlans of which MP156 and MP160 were the first two. The idea for these plans arose from the Cassini-Huygens Space probe which arrived at Saturn in 2004.  MP156 - A Saturnilabe - was thus conceived;  this Saturnilabe was built within the constrictions of the Meccano Set 10.


Taking the idea further, it was found that a full Planetarium of our Solar System, even including  the newly discovered Quaoar, could still be built within the confines of Set 10 and this was described in MP160.


This present ModelPlan completes the Solar System - Set 10 possibilities with orreries of:

  • Pluto/Charon

  • Mars/Phobos/Diemos

  • Jupiter/6 largest moons

  • Uranus/6 largest moons

  • Neptune/first 8 moons discovered/2 rings

With twenty pages of text, three tables of Period Calculations and four gearing diagrams. Fully illustrated with eleven large colour photographs.


Ref: MP163   Price: 16.00