ModelPlan 162


Ralph Rigg's


1920's Steam Wagon


A Set 10 Model



Steam wagons were introduced at the start of the 20th Century as a successor to the horse-drawn wagons of the time. At  first  they  were  slow  and cumbersome but eventually they became fairly efficient. Makers such as Foden, Burrell, and Allchin made and exported wagons all over the world. However, during the 1930's they were superseded by the diesel wagon. One big drawback with steam was the need to heat up water before any work could be done. Even when this was achieved coal and water still had to be found to keep the beast moving.


This is a model driven by a concealed electric motor and is designed to be built with a 1990 number 10 set. It is based very loosely on photographs of Allchin steam wagons of around 1915 to 1922 in the author's possession.


Five pages of construction details include the:

  • Boiler

  • Chimney

  • Front Axle

  • Chassis

  • Side Tanks and Cylinder Assembly

  • cylinders

  • Rear Tank

  • Motor Unit

  • Gearbox and Flywheel Assembly

  • gearbox is designed to give two speeds to the wheels

  • Steering Mechanism

  • Rear Springs

  • Cab Back

  • Cab Roof

  • Wheels

  • Chain Guard

  • Tipping Body

  • Tipping Mechanism

  • Tipping Mechanism Operation

  • Parts required

 Fully illustrated with thirteen large colour photographs.


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