ModelPlan 161


Freddie Nicholls'


H3 Clock with Remontoire


The John Harrison Meccano H3 Clock.


This a very advanced Meccano clock, loosely based on the Copley Clock by Dr. Michael Adier, ModelPlan 157, in which the author was involved.


In this Meccano version of the H3, because the Meccano system does not include a large clock spring, it uses a small 16 volt, geared, 200 rpm Greenweld electric motor running on only 4.5 volts.









Building Instructions include:

  • The Main Frame

  • The Drive Bearing Assemblies

  • The Air Vane Drive and Lower Air Vane Bearing Assemblies

  • The The Low Friction Bearings and Assemblies

  • The Remontoire 'Spring' Carrier, Driving Arm Assembly, 'Spring'

  • Assembly, 'Spring' Carrier Drive, and Rotating Stop Drive  Three Lobe Cam Assembly

  • Minute Hand Assembly, Hands Gear Train, Frame, and Gearing

  • Upper and Lower Pallet Assembly

  • Oscillator   Ring   and   Spring Assemblies

  • Front Main Flat Girder Assembly

  • The Escape Wheel and Jigs

  • Building Sub Assemblies and Gearing into the Main Frame

  • Setting up the Remontoire

All on 28 pages of text illustrated with 48 diagrams, eight pages of colour photographs, together with illustrations of the necessary dials.


Ref: MP161       Price: 16.00