ModelPlan 158




John Ince's

Two Cranes

One Tower, One Dockside


The tower crane model may be built with a No 10 set with the addition of extra parts especially P/N 2 where an extra 50 are needed, and an additional 8 each of P/N 3, P/N 9b, P/N 12c and P/N 16b together with 18 of P/N 48a. The completed model stands just over 2m tall. The dockside crane represents a type which years ago was a common sight in every port. Although not based on an actual crane, it is about 900mm tall and its tower has Flanged Wheels so that it may traverse on its own rail track. The tower legs are spread so that a railway track may pass under the crane. The crane jib has a short hammerhead to extend the reach. The hoist rope is sheaved three times between the masthead and the jib so as to achieve the level luffing feature. The driver's cabin is well forward to allow good view of the operation. Both cranes employ three small motors in the machine room and are very suitable  for  operation   manually  or automatically. Instructions are included for operation by the Meccanisms "Motorvator". ModelPlan 158 covers 20 pages and is fully illustrated with both black & white and colour illustrations.