ModelPlan 157




Michael Adler's

Copley Clock


John Harrison's Third Marine Chronometer


Started in 1740, H3 took Harrison nearly nineteen years to build and adjust. He found that he just could not persuade the two large, heavy, circular balances to keep time well enough. Nevertheless, H3 incorporates two extremely important inventions both relevant today: the bimetallic strip (still in use worldwide in thermostats of all kinds) and the caged roller bearing, a device found in almost every modern machine, Michael Adier has named his Meccano version of H3 in honour of the Copley prize awarded by the Royal Society to John Harrison in developing navigation clocks. Contents include sections on:-


•  The development of the Marine Chronometer.

•  H3  -  Harrison's  third  marine Chronometer and its technology.

•  The Meccano Copley Clock, with highly detailed building instructions.

•  Nineteen diagrams in IsoMec including six in coloured 'VirtualMec'

•  Seven photographs in colour of the finished clock


Also available on CD.   Michael Adler's Clocks on CD.