ModelPlan 146


Michael Adler's

New Arnfield Clock

The Arnfield clock has justifiably earned a place in Meccano literature, and many examples have already been built. It has attracted considerable attention in the horological world as well. The special feature of this clock is the detached gravity escapement, where the pendulum is left almost free, the unlocking being carried out by the gravity arm, and not the pendulum itself. The action of the escapement is fascinating and visually attractive. As Michael Adier has completely redesigned his Arnfield Clock we have decided to number it MP146 rather than MP 104A. While keeping to the original principle it now has a completely rebuilt escapement which consumes very much less power, and the clock has an epicyclic planetary weight rewound by an electric motor powered by a simple torch battery and runs for months unattended. There is a large seconds hand and a greatly simplified pendulum which follows horological principles closely. The clock case has been greatly simplified. Instructions  include sections  on Principles of Operation, Assembly of Clock Plates, Going Train, Motion Work, Escape Wheel & Jig; Planetary Motor & Motor Control; Escapement-Impulse Arm, Lifting Lever, Locking Arm and Adjustment; The Pendulum:-Suspension Spring, Pendulum Bearer, & Bob and Operation; Clock Case, Faces, and Timing. Illustrated with nine colour  photographs  and  sixteen drawings.  A Parts List is included.

Also available on CD.   Michael Adler's Clocks on CD.