W.H. Pinyon Blocksetter


A recreation of the illustration on post war

instruction manuals

Built, photographed, and described by Bill Steele, the Pinyon Blocksetter was in fact never built by Meccano, but was the result of artistic and technical illustration skills by W H Pinyon. Pinyon was retained by Meccano Ltd to develop a set manual cover design for Meccano's thrust into the market place after the war years. He used original photography from the 1920s and, with fine artistry, modified and instilled the old photographs with the enthusiasm of childhood, and the added warmth and charm of a hearthside fire.

The Pinyon Blocksetter's history is entwined with the Classic long boom blocksetter of 1928, perhaps the finest creation of the Meccano model building room, and possibly the most important Meccano image of all time. This crane was used to grace the covers of Meccano publications and manuals right through the 30s, but instructions were never issued for building it. Instead, Meccano produced a simpler version as SML 4. Nevertheless, even this version could not be built with any of the then current outfits. It was particularly noted for its shorter, more centrally balanced boom, and for the use of the Meccano geared roller bearing Part No 167.

Our ModelPlan 143 is based on Pinyon's illustration, with many hours of research (over a period of a few years), and incorporating some discoveries of the last few years.