ModelPlan 142


Tony James'

Terror Tower White Knuckle Ride

A Set 10 Model

Yet another excellent ModelPlan from Tony James, the "Terror Tower" is based on a full size " white knuckle" ride, but is not an exact scale replica. The ride has a square framework with three seats each side, facing outwards, around the tower. After loading, the seats are hoisted slowly up the tower and pause a few seconds at the top. They then plummet downwards, rapidly breaking to stop at a safe height from the ground. Another short pause and the seats are lowered safely to a soft landing at ground level to unload. Fully automatic gearbox and braking systems enable hands-free operation, with a complete cycle taking about two minutes, which is kind to the motor.

The model stands 6' 6" tall. (only the top two feet is shown in the above illustration) and is designed to be built from a No.10 Set. It needs a Decaperm, P.D.U. or E15R/E20R type motor as the only extra.

The eight pages of instructions are accompanied by eleven pages of constructional drawings. Outer and inner covers feature a further ten illustrations in colour.

A parts list is included.

Also available on CD.   Michael Adler's Clocks on CD.