ModelPlan 137


Peter McCall's

Lantern Clock with Sweep Second Hand

Designed, described & illustrated by Peter McCall, sixteen pages include full instructions with sections on Construction, Building the Frame, Bearing Plates, Gear Train, Drive from Synchronous Motor, Second Hand Gear Train, Minute Hand Gear Train, Hour Hand Gear Train, Hands & Dial, Cupola, and Doors. Also included is a Parts List, and Peter's introduction, from which we quote:-

"I am not aware of design for a Meccano Clock with a sweep Second Hand. The challenge was to have three outputs on ‘one’ journal. The solution was to ‘float’ a Gear Ring on half-inch pulleys."

The sixteen diagrams in this ModelPlan have been created using IsoMec – both two and three-dimensional versions

While this Plan is for a lantern clock, it is possible to use the motion for a Long Case Clock with pendulum escapement, using the second hand journal for the escape wheel.