Tony James'

JCB Rough Terrain Fork Lift

 A Set 10+ Model

Another 1970s 10 Set (plus two large wheels) model by Tony James in the JCB range. The prototype, a JCB 930 RTFL weighs six-tons with a 68-hp engine, four speed gearbox and 18mph maximum speed.

The model is built as close to 1/8th scale as Meccano will allow. The two wheel drive square body version is modelled, with a three section telescopic mast, 25 tilting action, two speeds & forward/reverse gears controlled by separate levers in the cab.

The floating rear axle has simulated hydraulic steering with scale turning radius. The front driving axle has an all pinion differential and a three part axle giving very free running and is easily converted to a hub reduction drive using extra parts.

The mast extends from 12 1/2" to 32" giving a lift of 29" with the forks in place. Construction follows the prototype using channel and "I" sections, involving some accurate building and tight clearances. The second mast lift is by concealed cord and the third mast and fork carriage are chain operated with adjusters like the real thing. For appearance, Non-Meccano dummy hydraulic rams are fitted but may be omitted.

Our Plan's front and back covers, inside and out, feature a fifteen part montage of colour photographs of the model, together with two of the prototype. Fifteen pages of instructions cover Front & Rear (Steering) Axles, Chassis, Gearbox Frame and Gears, Wheels, Steering Link, Masts, Upper Gearbox, Motor, Drive to Lifting Drums, lifting Cords and Chains, Carriage, Cab, Mudguards, Engine Cover, Forks, Jib, Pallet, and Hydaulic Rams. A fourteen page insert of detailed drawings is included, together with a two page, accurate and fully descriptive parts list.