ModelPlan 135


Tony Parmee's

1901 House

 A Set 10 Model

This model was designed to celebrate the Centenary of Frank Hornby's invention of Mechanics Made Easy - renamed Meccano in 1907. 


The typically late Victorian/early Edwardian House is relatively 'plush' and as detailed can be built within the contents of medium red/green No.10 Outfit of 1954 - except that around 100 additional Nuts & Bolts are required (subject to all remaining Long Bolts, and Nuts from Pivot Bolts, etc., being used up first). It Is also fined with electrical lighting (just coming in 100 years ago amongst the better-off), but this is not included within the Outfit. An automatic reversing mechanism cyclically opens and closes the porch and veranda doors, and lights go on and off all round the house synchronised with the doors - the full cycle taking about 70 seconds, using a small Mains induction motor. These all add interest to an otherwise static model, for exhibitions, but the house could also be used as a dolls' house if desired - being at the correct required scale. of 1:16.

For access to the mechanism, housed in the roof, the latter is in one unit secured by only 3 Bolts, so is relatively easily removed and replaced.


Although based on exactly the same frame size as the 1937 No.10.9 Model "Modern House" it has a more rational layout, and in addition includes a first floor.


Illustrated with nine colour photographs, sixteen pages of instructions include:- Introduction; General Construction Notes; Frame; Front Bay Windows; Tower Windows and Tapered Roof; Front Wall; Veranda; Gable Bay Window; Gable Ends; Conservatory; Partitions; Landing; First Floor; Porch; Doors; Main Roof; Front Bay Roof; Mechanism; Lighting, Parts List.