Iron Duke  GWR 4-2-2 Locomotive

Designed, Photographed & Described by John Ince

The Iron Duke was built in 1847 for the Great Western Railway to run on that company's seven foot gauge track. The locomotive was designed by Daniel Gooch and built at the Swindon Works. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was responsible for the selection of this very wide gauge which he believed to be ideal for the comparatively level and straight route between London and Bristol on which Iron Duke regularly ran at over 60 mph.

The scale of the model is 9.8:1 and was selected on the basis of using part 167B for the main driving wheels, and part 118 as a close approximation to the carrying and tender wheels.

Comprehensive building instructions cover the Locomotive Chassis, Axle Boxes and Springs, Axles and Wheels, Boiler, Cab and Firebox, Smoke Box and Funnel, Splash Guards, Running Gear, Tender, Crew, Motor and Gearbox, Track and Buffers.

The twenty eight page booklet includes nine full colour photographs and some fourteen other miscellaneous illustrations which include original working drawings of the prototype, and a Parts List.