ModelPlan 132

Mike Edkins'



The March 1946 issue of Meccano Magazine included a photograph of Noel Ta'Bois' London Trolleybus. Seeing this magnificent model was a landmark in my Meccano history and initiated a sequence of events which ultimately led to my opening M.W.Models. My gratitude to Noel was communicated to him one of the Henley Meccano Exhibitions, and he was kind enough let me have a comprehensive set of photographs of his original model

The late Roger Wallis was similarly inspired by an article in the series 'What Shall I Build Next' in Meccano Magazine May 1952, which also included a picture of Noel's Trolleybus, and determined to one day re-create the model. Also meeting Noel at one of the early 1980's Henley Exhibitions, he was lent the photographs of the original model. Over the next few months he was able to recreate the model. Noel was so pleased with his re-creation, that he kindly gave him the original number and destination cards that he used on his own Trolleybus to be used on the re-creation.

In order to produce this leaflet, Mike Edkins built a duplicate of Roger's model, and has written full instructions. Ken Wright has taken twenty-one black & white photographs and prepared twenty-one Meccaid isometric drawings. Also included are two of Noel's original photographs. Layout and design are in the capable hands of John Bridger.

Instructions cover Chassis/Lower Deck Floor, Tandem Back Axles & Springs, and Transmission Gears; Steering Column & Linkage; Lower Deck Front and Rear Bulkheads; Lower Deck Body Sides; Drivers Cab Door, Cab Sides, Cab Front; and Front Mudguards; Cab Fascia Panel, and Driver's Seat; Lower Deck Seats; Upper Deck FIoor; Rear Platform, Luggage Compartment Floor, Stair Side Panel, Stairs and Rear Platform Panel; Upper Deck Sides, Upper Deck Front and Upper Deck Back; Stair Top Partition, and Upper Deck Seats; Roof Mounting for Trolley Base and Trolley Poles. Also included are details of the prototype and a comprehensive Parts List.