ModelPlan 128

Tony James'



Tony James has built his model to 1/8th scale, as closely as Meccano will allow. Although it is based on Meccano's well known Dinky Toy, Tony was fortunate to have access to a real Crane which is still in daily use despite being more than fifty years old. It is tiny by today's standards with a lift of only 20 feet and a maximum load of six tons. Its low height with the jib level is ideal for working in factories and confined spaces.

The model can be built from a 1970-77 number ten set (although ten extra 168d Ball Bearings would make the turntable assembly more robust.) A Meccano P.D.U. or Decaperm Motor powers all the movements. Four main levers in the cab control the lifting, derricking, slewing and drive to the road wheels. All have separate forward and reverse gears fitted. An extra lever enables the hook to be lowered quickly by gravity. The steering wheel turns the front wheels irrespective of where the cab is facing.

Fourteen pages of detailed instructions cover the Ball Bearing Turntable, Chassis, and Turntable Support; Rear Axle, Front Axle and Differential Assembly; Crane Framework and Main Frame; Gearbox, Luffing Drive, Hoisting Drive, Slewing Drive, Forwards & Reverse Drive, and Luffing Drive Control; Cab Floor & Steering Column; Slewing, Hoisting Drum and Clutch Controls; Motor; Cab Seat; Top Decking, Side Covers, Front Mudguards & Bumper, Rear Mudguards & Bumper; the Jib; Bodywork & Cab. A comprehensive parts list is included.

On the front and back inside and outside covers are no less than sixteen full colour photographs which include a full selection of constructional views of the model, plus a few of both the prototype and the Dinky Toy.