ModelPlan 127



It was a tradition with Maurice Maurice's Series of Modern SuperModels (The predecessors of ModelPlans) that many featured modernised versions of the original series of Super Model Leaflets issued by Meccano Ltd in the late 1920's and early 1930's. One of the most famous models of this era did not feature as a leaflet as such, but was described and illustrated in the three successive issues of "Meccano Magazine" in 1935. Designed at a time just before the introduction of Strip and Flexible Plates, this fine model was constructed predominately from Strips. Ted Summerfield designed this modernised version to take full advantage of the aforementioned Strip & Flexible Plates, and also made the model capable of movement.

To obtain a high degree of realism a number of items were fabricated – (a) End Plates for the Cylinders from Aluminium Sheet, (b) Wheel Flanges from the same material. (c) Brass Segments for Wheel Cranks and (d) Narrow Single Cranks for the Valve Gear. Flexible Plates were cut to shape for the smoke deflectors and Chimney. Sections of the instructions deal with Side Frame, Frame Stretchers, Drag Beam, Front Bogie Mounting, Pony Truck Mounting, Rear Sub-Chassis, Outside Axle Box, Front Running Plate, Front Buffer Beam, Smokebox Saddle, Reversing Support Bracket, Detailing, Cylinders, Driving Wheels, Valve Gear etc., Bogie/trailing Wheels, Front Bogie, Rear Fixed Wheels, Trailing Pony Truck, Boiler, Boiler Backplate, Smokebox Fairing, Chimney, Cab, Handrails, and Steps. The Tender description includes Chassis, Side Plating, Front Plating, Rear Plating, Corridor Roof, Corridor Side, Water Tank Top, Coal Space Back, Coal Space Floor, Axle Boxes, Wheels, Buffers, and Detailing. Illustrated by no less that 26 beautiful coloured photographs, and 14 plating diagrams. A Comprehensive Parts List is included.

Big Wheels of various types are always popular attractions in fairgrounds, and Roger Little's model, which makes a fine exhibit, received the runners up award for the model of the year competition at the North East London Meccano Club in 1999.

Fully comprehensive instructions include sections on the Model Base, various Access Steps, Roller Bearing, Rotating Base, Main Standards, Wheel & Cars, Assembly, and Drive Mechanisms. A parts list is included.

The model is illustrated by fifteen clear constructional colour photographs, and a parts list is included.