ModelPlan 126

Tony Parmee's


A 10 Set Model


Designed and described by Tony Parmee, this fine model is yet another of Tony's new models for the Set 10. The model was much admired at Skegex 2000 and represents a typical current high capacity wide-bodied Jet Airliner, and has been closely modelled on the Boeing 777 brought into service in 1995, which is proving enormously popular with the world's airlines. Tony found it amazing that with the post WW2 explosion in air travel, the 1954 Set 10 Leaflets (whichwere current up until the recent withdrawal of the No.10 Outfit!) contained not a single aircraft (discounting the "promoted" No.9 Leaflet); yet the 1937 Manual had two impressive examples of contemporary aircraft!

Sections deal with the Stairs (parts not included in the No.10), Main Frame, Main Undercarriage, The Taxiing Mechanism, Steering, Remote Control, Fuselage Frame, Nose Wheel, Fuselage, Front Fuselage, Rear Fuselage, Lower Fuselage fairings, Window Bars, Wings, Jet Engine, Tail Fins, Rudder, Transport & Assembly, and Stand.

Illustrated by eleven black & white photographs and one diagram. A comprehensive Parts List is included.