ModelPlan 120

Grandfather Clock  (MMQ 1973)

A 10 Set Model


Quite a few of the models featured in our series of ModelPlans are specifically designed to be built with the contents of a Meccano No.10 Set.


Long before these were published, Bert Love designed one of the finest new models for the Set, details of which appeared in the October 1973 Meccano Magazine Quarterly. ('Clock Kit 3" as Bert called it when he first showed it at the time to a meeting of the Midlands Meccano Guild.)


We had been hoping for some years to publish this clock as a ModelPlan but unfortunately,. Bert was never able to locate his original photographs.


However, we have now been lent a set of Bert's photographs by John Evans, and in addition, Robbie Berwick has acquired the model which the late Roger Wallis built to Bert's design, and has provided a colour print of this for the front cover.


We have now reset all the original instructions which were originally supplied from Binns Road, and are publishing this plan in Bert's memory.