ModelPlan 119

Liebherr Litronic Backhoe Excavator

119B (Black & White) 19.95

119C (Colour) 24.95

This is the latest offering from Michael Adler. He describes it as "a labour of love – a massive project, one that has taken me two years to realise". The model is to a 1:9 scale, and great attention has been paid to give a neat appearance to the Meccano modelling. It has strength, stability and interesting machinery that simulates its hydraulic movements.

One of the largest and most complex ModelPlans ever published, it has a photographic section running to twenty-four pages with some forty-nine photographs. In view of the high cost of printing this in colour, we have decided to make available also an economy edition in black and white as an alternative.

Over forty pages of instructions include a wealth of modelbuilding technology. Sections deal with the Chassis, Cab & Roller Bearing; Machinery Framework & Mechanism; Sub-Chassis, Track Frames and Tracks; Cab Side Panels, Hood, Covers & Drivers Cab; Boom, Stick & Bucket; Hydraulic System; and Control.

The preferred method of control is left to the builder, with a number of possibilities included in the text, but Michael Adler has produced an 'Armchair Control' pulse width modulation controller which will allow the model to be driven with joysticks, just as in the prototype.