ModelPlan 118

John Ince's

Caledonian 2-2-2 Locomotive No.15 of 1847


Some photographs and the description on which the following notes about John Ince's fine model are based originally appeared in the May 1999 issue of The International Meccanoman. The original locomotive was built for the Caledonian Railway Company in 1847 and was described, with working drawings in an 1850 book about railways and railway equipment. The model is built to a scale of about 1 : 14 so that the six foot diameter driving wheels can be represented by 5 " Hub Discs and the carrying wheels by 3" Spoked Wheels. The gauge is 4". The model is arranged to run back and forth as the motor (in the boiler) is reversed when the model contacts the buffers at each end of the track. The instructions for the locomotive cover the inner and outer chassis, firebox & footplate, front buffer plate, cylinders & connecting rods, axles & wheels, valve gear, reverse lever & control rod, motor & gearbox, front micro switch, boiler & funnel, and smokebox. Those for the tender describe the chassis & wheels, brakes, water tank & coal bunker, rear micro switch & relay, and battery installation. Illustrated by seven colour photographs, three drawings of the prototype, and a wiring diagram.