ModelPlan 113

Container Crane


A quiet revolution in sea transport has taken place over the last few decades, during which container ships have come into existence, requiring special terminals in ports for which "Container Cranes" have been designed for fast unloading.

Joseph N. Attard of Malta. has made one of these cranes the subject of his ModelPlan, which involved him in extensive close up photographic work and taking videos of their operation.

The instructions cover some twenty three pages with details of the prototypes, followed by sections dealing with the construction of the main frame, rear boom, bogies, superstructure, folding stays, machinery room, machinery, trolley and operators cabin, lifting beam, stairs, ladders & walkways, ,cable pick-up capstan, winding cords, and electrical system.

Twenty one pages of instructions are illustrated with no less than twenty-six coloured photographs, plus two diagrams and comprehensive parts list.