ModelPlan 112

Meccano Electric Chiming Clock

"Horloge Electrique Meccano Sonnerie"


Another archive Super Model from Jim Gamble's Meccano Collection.

We have already been able to publish one of the Binns Road Super Models which never saw the light of day - the Giant Dragline - as ModelPlan 87.

Thanks again to Jim Gamble, we have now had made available to us another Binns Road model from his "Collection".

Unusually, the original of this was prepared in French and entitled "Horloge Electrique Meccano Sonnerie" A reproduction of the original artwork for this thirty page leaflet is reproduced in its entirety in A4 landscape format. This contains full Instructions in French and is illustrated with seven black & white photographs and six diagrams.

To accompany this we have prepared a standard vertical A4 format twenty page ModelPlan containing a fully comprehensive translation of the instructions into English by Mrs. Margaret Skellern B.A.

The Parts list gives individual totals for both the Vending Machine and the Change Giving Machine.