ModelPlan 111A


Scale 1:20

by Peter Matthews  - 12.00

Another of Peter Matthews' ModelPlans specifically designed to run on Marklin or other suitable 1 gauge two-rail track, ModelPlans 111A is an alternative version to the smaller scale of 1/20th as the same prototype already modelled above by Jeffrey Boswell as ModelPlans 111 to 1/8th scale.

Instructions for the construction of the model are in Peter's usual orderly fashion, illustrated not only with IsoMec drawings but also digital camera photographs.

The model is motorised with a pair of the latest 750 Motors, but the trucks are not pivoted.

Sections deal with details of the prototype; axle insulation; the maximum traction trucks; the tram chassis; lower deck floor; upper deck; sides; ends; staircase; platforms; roof; trolley heads & arms; indicators & parts list.

A coloured sheet of suitable advertisements is also included.