ModelPlan 110



Designed by Mark Knowles  -  7.20

Live-Steam Loco

In 1972 Meccano staged their "Globe Trotter" competition, whose first prize was an all expenses paid visit to the prototype of the model which the competitor entered.  At that time Mark was very interested in going to America to see Apollo 14 launched at Cape Canaveral.

As an old American Locomotive was a feature at nearby Disneyland, he thought that a model of it might catch the eye of the judges, especially if powered by the then current Meccano Steam Engine.

Mark spent practically all his spare time for over 6 months building and rebuilding the model.  Finished just before the closing date, it ran successfully after an extra stage of reduction gearing had been hastily added.

The judges were unanimous in awarding Mark first prize, which led to an appearance on local television; a visit to Binns Road; then to America, Disneyland, the Apollo launch, and New York.

The illustration is of a replica built by the model room at Liverpool for display purposes. The building instructions are, with a few minor changes, those prepared by Meccano based on the replica, but with one or two added comments based on the original model.

Five main sections of the instructions cover the Chassis, Steam Engine, Cab, Boiler Housing, and Tender.

All in a sixteen page booklet, with reprinted illustrations from Meccano Magazine, plus five colour and seven black and white small photographs of the original model.