ModelPlan 102


By Peter McCall      18.40

With increasing mechanisation on the farm, came the development of equipment to ease some of the burden of work previously undertaken by large numbers of men. One of the major advances that led to full scale mechanisation on the farm was the development of agricultural machinery powered by steam.

Typical of such machinery was the Elevator which forms the subject of our ModelPlan. It is based on one awaiting restoration in the Chalk Pits Museum at Amberley in Sussex.

The model is arranged to operate as the prototype which involves quite complex machinery to allow the main chute to hinge and fold for transport.

Twelve of the fourteen illustrations are in colour, and the fully described instructions are augmented with no fewer than sixty-one IsoMec drawings. The excellence of these drawings makes the leaflet a most worthy successor to Roger Hill's original Car Chassis which was first to display the considerable potential of IsoMec

The front covers have a coloured IsoMec drawing of a three quarter view of the entire locomotive and comprehensive illustrated parts lists are also provided.