ModelPlan 101


By Hugh Henry. Rebuilt by Mike Edkins. Described by Tony Brown.    19.90

Jones KL66 Mobile CraneDuring the 1950s the KL66 was one of the most widely used mobile cranes. Late in 1954 the manufacturers (George Cohen Sons & Company) co-sponsored a competition with Meccano Ltd. for the best model of the crane. This model by Hugh Henry was the winner in the adult section of the competition.

Since first seeing it at the age of 13, Mike Edkins had always wanted to build the model, finally achieving that ambition in the last couple of years. Not all the details of Hugh's original are shown in the surviving photographs, so Mike has filled in those gaps using only parts available at the time. In addition, some modifications have been carried out to produce a more reliable and better running model.

The base of the model (including the cab) is roughly 12"x12"x18" (300x300x450mm) high and the standard 'Swan Neck' jib is approx. 30" (750mm) long. The model weighs approx. 28lb (12.750 Kg). All the features and functions of the original KL66 are faithfully copied in the model