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The "Everything" Series

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The West London Meccano Society has a long history of specialist publications in support of the Meccano hobby. All of them are available through MW Mail Order.

The Society has republished or re-presented feature articles from the WLMS Newsletter from time to time, and these are the basis of many of the publications listed here.

The WLMS is noted for a number of things, but it has always led the adult hobby in the development of specialist models. Its members (the late Paul Joachim and Philip Webb especially) pioneered scale modelling in Meccano back in the late 1980s when everyone said it could not be done. Some of its members have specialised in vehicles of every sort and the progress made in Meccano model vehicle design by modellers like Bob Brooker, Nick Rudoe, Tim Gant, Michael Knowles and Philip Webb led the hobby in the 1990s. The painstaking historical research of Julian Head has inspired some splendid cranes from Peter Goddard, the likes of which had never been attempted before. And the Society has always been active in encouraging youngsters to take up the hobby. The WLMS is proud of the half dozen or so young people who cut their engineering teeth on Meccano in the Society over the last 20 years, and are now fully-fledged professional engineers in their own right.

The work goes on. Matt Goodman had built a knowledge and experience base of the new Plastic Junior Meccano system that has resulted in a working clock, also cranes and vehicles with every function fully operational - something again they said "could not be done". Tim Gant and the late Roger Poulet found ways of using the new miniature and plastic Meccano parts to make scale model 2-rail electrified 00 and N gauge locomotives, Jack Brown has produced a series of machine tools and instruments in Meccano, culminating in an accurate micrometer; an almost unbelievable achievement for a toy.

The list of publications outlined here is steadily growing. For convenience, they are grouped under the name of the editor or authors. Enjoy!

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