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Nick Rudoe & Michael Knowles

Somerville Software

Nick Rudoe and Michael Knowles

Applications Handbook for WLMS Wide-Face Gears

Originally produced to support the sales of 1/8th and " face 50 and 57 tooth gears, this little pamphlet offers a collection of standard mechanisms that benefit from using the wide-face technology. A nice one to have on the reference shelf.

Somerville Software


This is computer software rather than paper publication, but is an essential tool for the keen Meccanoman who can use a computer.

Over many years, Howard has steadily developed MeccInv to the point that it is the undisputed program for cataloguing, inventorising, sorting, valuing and managing Meccano collections.

True, you can set up your catalogue on a general-purpose spreadsheet or database, but MeccInv has done all the hard work for you. If you have already made a start in a general-purpose program, there is no need to start over. MeccInv can import almost any list of parts and prices.

All the usual parts are already entered for you, and a picture of each part pops up to help recognition if, like me, you can never remember the numbers! You can note different colours and versions of parts. You can enter their value from the most popular price lists - Somerville Software supports downloads to keep your values up to date. You can analyse your collection every and any which way you can imagine, and draw impressive graphs and pie diagrams to boast about it. You can load the 'parts required' list of a number of popular models, or enter your own, and the program will immediately give you a shopping list for the extra parts you will need to complete the model.

The program also interfaces intimately with Don Blakeborough's Encyclopaedia, which can be obtained in a package deal if you purchase both programs together.

In a word - indispensable!